Scorpion Lab Groups Through the Years


Clockwise from top left: Safra Shakir, Doug Gaffin, Tanner Ortery, Jacob Sims, Drew Doak, Alby Musaelian.


Spring 2019 Lab Group
Seated from left to right are: Sara Kelley, Safra Shakir, Tanner Ortery, Alby Musaelian, Kristen Speer. In back is lab director Doug Gaffin with Joe Camel. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


Back row from left: Brad Brayfield, Alex Evans, Max Daniels, Kendall Hughes, Sara Kelley, Tanner Ortery. Front row from left: Jonna Vanderslice, Doug Gaffin, Conner Howard.


Clockwise from bottom middle: Nina Rivera Roldan, Marie Labonte, Zac Waldroup, Conner Howard, Kendall Hughes, Matt Keyzer, Max Daniels, Joe Camel, Doug Gaffin, Brad Brayfield.


First row from left: Doug Gaffin, Marie Labonte, Kendall Hughes; second row: Randall Proctor, Megan Mont, Brad Brayfield.


From left: Greg Blass, Doug Gaffin, Zach Porterfield, Karen Bost, Paul McGowan, Ryan McKee.