Scorpion Lab Groups Through the Years


Clockwise from top left: Safra Shakir, Doug Gaffin, Tanner Ortery, Jacob Sims, Drew Doak, Alby Musaelian.


Spring 2019 Lab Group
Seated from left to right are: Sara Kelley, Safra Shakir, Tanner Ortery, Alby Musaelian, Kristen Speer. In back is lab director Doug Gaffin with Joe Camel. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


Back row from left: Brad Brayfield, Alex Evans, Max Daniels, Kendall Hughes, Sara Kelley, Tanner Ortery. Front row from left: Jonna Vanderslice, Doug Gaffin, Conner Howard. Photo illustration by Brad Brayfield.


Clockwise from bottom middle: Nina Rivera Roldan, Marie Labonte, Zac Waldroup, Conner Howard, Kendall Hughes, Matt Keyzer, Max Daniels, Joe Camel, Doug Gaffin, Brad Brayfield. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


First row from left: Doug Gaffin, Marie Labonte, Kendall Hughes; second row: Randall Proctor, Megan Mont, Brad Brayfield. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


From left: Jacob Mitchell, Kyven Zhao, Jay Vinnedge, Doug Gaffin, Randall Proctor, Megan Mont, Sarah Million. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


doug carried by students
From top left: Caleb Cosper, Matt Taylor, Elise Knowlton — all supporting Doug Gaffin (below). Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


From left: Nataliya Popokina, Doug Gaffin, Elise Knowlton. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


From left: Greg Blass, Doug Gaffin, Zach Porterfield, Karen Bost, Paul McGowan, Ryan McKee.


Scorpion lab crew on gypsum sand dunes at Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas. From left: Steven Carter, Mujahid Hines, Steffany Steinmetz, Fred Armstrong (GMNP research manager), and Doug Gaffin. Photo by M. Hoefnagels.


Scorpion gang about to head to the International Arachnology Congress in Chicago. From left: Taryn Turner, Doug Gaffin, Elizabeth Camp, Madieh Parizi.