F2015 lab with our scorpions - OU

Lab members, Fall 2015

(left to right –  front row: Kendall Hughes, Marie Labonte, Brad Brayfield; back row: Megan Mont, Randall Proctor, Doug Gaffin)

Our lab preferentially works with Honors students. Each student, in consult with Dr. Gaffin, identifies an area of research that they would like to do for their Honor’s thesis. In addition to the regular Honors course credits, students need to complete an additional 7 hours of reading and research credit to graduate with Honors within the Department of Biology. Projects typically are centered on the sensory biology of scorpions and other invertebrates. If interested in conducting Honors research, openings are filled on an “as needed” basis and are listed below.


Current openings within our laboratory:

There are NO positions currently open.