Research associates

Previous research associates of the scorpion lab.

Brad Brayfield
Brad was research associate, lab manager, and mentor to undergraduates in the lab. Brad worked on the chemo-textural hypothesis of scorpion navigation and the navigation by scene familiarity hypothesis in robots. He has always been in awe of nature and was the kid playing outside all the time, combing through grass, water, and under rocks for anything that he could find. Brad enjoys being with his kids, friends, hiking, and playing and coaching soccer.
Kyven Zhao
Kyven's interests were in the chemo-textural sensory capabilities of the peg sensilla of scorpions and in the navigation by scene familiarity hypothesis. Kyven is now in pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.
Tristan Barker
Shivani Mann
Matt Taylor
Mark Walvoord