Yearly Archives: 2015

Kendall awarded UROP grant!

Kendall Hughes was recently awarded an Undergraduate Research Opportunity grant of $1000 to conduct brain electrophysiology in scorpions. She will use this to complete her Honors thesis. Go Kendall!

Miocene scorpion in amber was recently characterized!

A scorpion from the Mexico state of Chiapis was recently characterized and was classified as a new species within the Tityus genus, having a close relationship with living members of the neotropic Tityus genus. The paper not only constructs a phylogenic relationship with other scorpions, but provides some nice photos and drawings […]

Robotic navigation based on model of ant vision!

Researchers from the UK have recently presented research at the Association of Psychological Research meeting where they analyzed the brain of ants and recreated the navigation abilities of desert ants in a robot by using an omni-directional camera.