I have taught the Introductory Zoology course in the Department of Biology for many years. In the fall of 2015, I was awarded a Presidential Teaching Fellowship allowing me to teach both Perspectives and Colloquium courses within the Honors College.  These are small writing intensive classes that explore either a broad (Perspectives) or specialized (Colloquium) topic of the professors choosing. The Perspectives class, “Navigation of Bees, Ants, and Scorpions”,  is a research based class that is also cross-listed as a Cornerstone class within the Department of Biology. My Colloquium courses center on the discussions of natural selection in our culture and thought, and the modern technological exploits of our ancient senses!


Courses taught and associated research projects 


BIOL 2970: “Navigation of Bees, Ants and Scorpions”

HON 3993: “Beyond Darwin: Selection in Thought, Religion, & Politics”

HON 3993: “Sensory Manipulation: How Technology Exploits our Ancient Senses”

BIOL 1114: “Introductory Zoology”